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MD's recommendation for skin care products that give anti aging results

I'm a general doctor with specialization in aesthetic medicine. I practice in this field for 15 years and known to be a specialist in cosmetic instrumentation such as IPL, laser peeling, phototeraphy, mesotheraphy, homotoxicology and plastic treatments without surgery.

I'm working with "Perfect Treatment" products for 8 years and I can honestly say that their products are among the very short list of products that actually work and bring the customers the desired effect at a reasonable price. The products are being updated each year.

The following products are products that I and my clients are constantly using and I recommend them warmly.

Margior (the ultimate cream) – is a preparation is for treating chemical and sun burns, soothes and rehabilitates the skin by preventing dryness of the damaged area.  It also promotes cell rejuvenation towards building new layers of skin. Margior Cream assists in treating symptoms caused as a result of laser treatments, skin peeling treatments, and other treatments causing damage to skin membranes.  Early use of this preparation, immediately after trauma is caused to the skin, assists in preventing irrevocable damage (scars).

The cream is very pleasant, anti-allergic, works great on all skin types that can be used after all types of pilings. It has a very nice texture, natural and pleasant smell.   

Lifting Serum & Lifting Cream – very high quality products which are suitable for all skin types and all ages. The cream and the serum both have a very pleasant texture. They are great anti-aging products which work on three levels to firm the skin, prevent wrinkles, and treat existing creases and wrinkles. They significantly enhance moisture and serve as a powerful antioxidant to neutralize free radicals. The serum by itself is enough for most skin types for the hot summer days. The products serve as a very good base for makeup.

C Serum – a terrific product to firm and rehabilitate the skin, especially for oily skin.

Rejuvenation Cream Step 1 & Rejuvenation Serum Step 2 – just amazing! The products are suitable for all skin types. Rejuvenates and firms the skin, reduces wrinkles, very helpful after laser peeling and IPL treatments for increasing and prolonging the effect of the treatments.

Pretreatment Glyco Serum – absorbed very quickly into the skin and not causing peeling.

I warmly recommend all the products in the "Perfect Beauty" line. They are excellent and bring visible results. They work! No side effects. For oily and regular skin I recommend using all the products to get fast and long-lasting results. For dried skin serum C and Margior should be integrated into the regimen order to prevent skin dryness.    

MD. Felberg Marina

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