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How to maintain young and healthy skin?

Welcome to my blog and thank you for going into my store. In the blogs I will talk about experiences, relevant articles, tips and news.

The first blog I have decided to dedicate to the topic of maintaining young and healthy skin.

Our skin is our business card, especially the facial skin. Nursed, clean, kept and glowing skin stimulates a feeling of a wonder. So, when we see a woman with a perfect skin we may ask her which products does she uses and what is her secret.

Our skin is a delicate thing, which needs to be treated with tenderness, patience and extra attention. This blog was written under belief that nursed and healthy skin is important to all of us. The blog will include few daily tips which will help maintaining your skin young and healthy.

  • Choose products that contain natural ingredients.

The nature gave us marvelous things and many of them include vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which contribute to rejuvenating skin cell process. Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin E are usually integrated to different skincare and cosmetic products, contribute to urge natural skin defense system and bestow a groomed and fresh appearance.   

  • Keep the skin from the sun.

It is not a secret that the lethal sun beams are not good for our skin. In hot places, such as California, a cream containing high sun defense is a must product in every bag. In addition, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should add another layer of this cream during the day. Keeping the skin from the sun will help minimizing the natural skin aging process.  Still, free radicals movement harms to Elastin and Collagen production, which are in fact proteins located in skin cells and keep it flexible and elastic. Skin that is exposed increasingly to the sun transforms to stiff and non-flexible, and reversion is hard and in some cases even impossible.

  • Try keeping a balanced nutrition, avoid smoking and drink a lot of water.

Smoking is also known as one of the acts that has no good effects on our skin. Numerous studies that were conducted concluded that smoking cigarettes encouraging skin aging and makes the skin to appear defective and wrinkled. The nicotine cause blood vessels shrinking and harms oxygen flow to blood cells, which eventually causes the skin losing its natural elasticity. Notwithstanding, since the food we consume effects on processes occurring in cells and tissues, the recommendation is to consume as many as possible sustenance rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute the skin. Eating sustenance such as spinach, all the berries fruits that contain a huge amount of anti-oxidants that remove free radicals. Drinking water (not soft drinks) is incredibly important helps getting a full and tumid skin appearance. Water helps encouraging metabolism processes which contributed to young and energetic skin visage.

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