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Various Skin Types and Conditions

Knowledge about individual skin properties is helpful for choosing adequate skin care products and treatment regimens. Common definitions of skin types and skin properties are listed below. Keep in mind that Individual skin type may change due to external (e.g. climate, skin care) and internal (e.g. medications, hormonal changes) factors over time – it is not static.

Normal skin

Normal skin displays a smooth texture and a rosy, clear surface, with fine pores. It has a good circulation and healthy complexion. Normal skin is the least problematic type and is often found in young persons. Even with a minimum care, it will look good well with age advancement. Using either Lifting Serum or Lifting cream will be enough and in most days there will be not need using both.

Dry skin

Dry skin is characterized by a lack of moisture in its corneous layer, resulting in tightness and even flaking. Dry skin can easily develop a sallow tone, wrinkles, and fine pores, and it is very prone to aging and irritating. Dry skin can be genetically determined, consequence of the natural ageing process or triggered by factors such as climate, cosmetics and medications

It might still look great on a young person, but, to keep it healthy, you should apply thorough care and use potent moisturizers. Usually it will be best using daily both Lifting Serum and Lifting cream. In more severe cases it is recommended adding "Margior" to your daily skin routine.

Oily skin

Oily skin is usually looks greasy, thick, coarse, and shiny, has enlarged pores, and tends to break into acne. A good thing, though, is that oily skin is not prone much to aging and wrinkling.

Careful cleaning, minimizing of carbohydrate consumption, and avoiding rich creams can be helpful in improving the quality of oily skin. Using either Lifting Serum or Lifting cream will be enough and in most days there will be not need using both. In case of acne scars, the skin should be treated with "Tzalakton".

Combination skin
Combination skin has patches of both dry and oily skin, and it requires different types of care in relation to particular facial areas. Mixed facial skin tends toward dryness on the cheeks and around the eyes while being oily in the t-zone (nose, forehead, chin). The dry parts and the oily parts require different skin care regimens. This skin type is very common. You can use Lifting Serum on all the face and the Lifting cream or "Margior" on the dry parts.

Sensitive skin
“Sensitive skin” is not a skin type, but rather a symptom caused by various factors. Sensitive skin is usually very dry, tends to feel tight, and becomes inflamed and irritated easily. Typically, sensitive skin develops reddish and scaly areas, can be itchy and tingly, and is prone to breaking into spots. Causes for this condition may be an underlying skin disorder, allergies, contact to irritants in certain products, or the use of inadequate, not skin type-adjusted products.

It is the most problematic and fragile type of skin, which needs a very special type of care. For example, even though that "step 2" is the most effective night cream for an aging skin (40+), it is less suited for a sensitive skin, so "step 1" should be used.

In case, you are not sure which product is the best for you – you are welcome to contact us on FB or mail.

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