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Choosing the Right Type of Eye Cream for You

The skin around your eyes is the first to show your age, making this area the most prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. It’s thin, delicate, sensitive, and naturally lacking in moisture. Even smiling, blinking, squinting, and yawning causes creasing over time. So regardless of how great your genes are, we can all use a little help.  Being presented with shelves full of eye cream (which, by the way, are never in one place) might encourage you to simply grab the prettiest bottle and call it a day. Please don’t do that — we’re here to make it easy....

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35% OFF on Rejuvenating Night Cream

Fight back against skin aging with advanced technology! Renewed, fresh and strengthened your face and neck will be visibly lifted to look its radiant best. Expires on Mar 18, 2017 Use this code at checkout:  nightcream35%off

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Christmas Sale - 20% Off

What better Christmas present can there be than bestowing a youthful, rejuvenated appearance upon yourself and your loved ones? Use code "Christmassale2016" for a 20% reduction on skin care products that actually work. Expires on 12/25/2016

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Black Friday SALE!

Black Friday SALE - 50% Off ALL Orders! Attain a young, beautiful and healthy skin by using professional skin care products at the comfort of your home! Promo Code: BlackFriday2016 Expires on 11/28/2016

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Serum vs. Cream - Face Moisturizer for Men and Women

Well, the real difference between cream and serum is that the serum is liquid and the cream is "creamy" - not liquid. Serums can be characterized by textures are very different, from the most fatty (containing 100% fatty substances) to the emulsion and most buoyant, containing mostly water. And there are many intermediate levels - emulsions in all kinds of textures, enriched to more buoyant. Some contain vitamins, some other active substances, and some of them don't have any vitamin or any other unique ingredient to differentiate them from the cream. Serums are usually thinner and lighter than creams and...

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